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 Which Activated Charcoal?

To answer the question, it is helpful to know:

  1. What is Activated Charcoal (Activated Carbon)? That is, what is activated charcoal made from, what are the major differences between powder, granular, extruded, what are the various technical characteristics?
  2. What are the different Applications, Uses and Benefits? Air/vapor filters and water/liquid filters are the most common applications. Other varied uses include the food, textile and chemical industries, pharmaceutical and neutraceutical industries, as well as environmental and mining.1,000 applications today, 1,001 tomorrow.
  3. Activated Charcoal History Where did activated charcoal get its start?
  4. Which Activated Charcoal(s) for which Job? How to match applications to one or more activated charcoals. (this page is still under construction)
  5. FAQ for Medicinal Activated CharcoalMore and more research shows activated charcoal offers very practical health benefits. These benefits that are utilized in hospitals can also serve in community centers and private homes.
  6. How to Make Activated Charcoal Thinking about making your own activated charcoal? Here is what you are up against.
  7. Full Product Line Activated charcoals products for industrial use right down to personal hygiene.