Pre-Filled Cartridges

Charcoal House Brand R5 (Revive Restore Recover Recycle Refill) Water Filters™ are perfect for whole-house applications as well as point-of-us in small commercial and industrial applications.

Do you need to remove sediment from well water? Do you have municipal water and want to remove chlorine or chloramine to improve taste and appearance? Is Fluoride or heavy metals affecting the quality of your drinking water? Do you need to recycle and reuse water from a commercial application? Then the R5 Water Filters™ allow you to use the proper filter for the right job.

Our business model here at Charcoal House is Purify and Beautify™. Keeping both you and the environment healthy is our focus. While most companies only offer disposable filters that just add more plastic to landfills, we carry the new refillable filters that allow you to replace the spent charcoal in minutes at a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new unit.

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