Activated Charcoal for Soil, Gardents, and Agriculture

Greenest of the Green

According to the National Gardening Bureau, 7 million more households are planning to grow some of their own food this year - a 19% increase. Many are concerned about the state of the economy, the increasing cost of food, the safety of their food or want to reduce their carbon footprint. Why not join the GREEN REVOLUTION with these proven soil amendments? Biochar is the newest product to join this fight and can be used not only to help reduce our impact on the environment, but also to reduce your dependence on commercial fertilizers, improve soil health, increase crop yields, AND cut your carbon footprint from carbon neutral to carbon negative.

Though many see charcoal as something that is never environmentally friendly, Biochar is a product that can change that viewpoint. It’s created from renewable plant material (or biomass) and can be developed from pyrolysis plants—which use forest trimmings and other low impact materials as feedstock. Better yet, it can actually reduce carbon emissions that modern agricultural practices produce. On top of this, Biochar is completely all natural and, as we mentioned, renewable, so you don’t have to worry about any other harmful byproducts that often results from these kinds of experiments. Biochar works, it’s healthy, and it is certainly the next wave in green products that will further the fight to be green.

Now, why is this important for you? Well, Biochar soil detox and other products can be used in small gardens, farms, or any other locales to enhance plant growth and vigor while promoting seed germination. In other words, it is the perfect product to help your garden live and grow in the greenest way possible! Truly, Biochar and Biochar products are the perfect solution for agricultural endeavors, particularly if you wish to reduce your impact on the environment; click here to find out more information, and learn precisely WHAT BIOCHAR IS?

Charcoal (or Activated Charcoal) and Biochar are each vital land management tools. Whether it is for detoxifying poisoned soils, regulating moisture in soils, improving seed germination, encouraging knitting of newly transplanted sod, or to increase crop yields, all these benefits and more are available to the flower gardener and the tractor farmer through the amazing chemistry and physics of activated charcoal and biochar.

As we have time we will add more topics and links for those of you looking to improve your soils, save your exotic plants, or just interested in experimenting with new ideas.

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