Charcoal For Whitening Teeth

White, Bright, and Healthy

Can Charcoal really whiten teeth? Consider - Charcoal is used to remove color from many different products including water, fine cooking oils, fruit juices, and it transforms dark brown cane syrup into sparkling WHITE sugar. Unlike harsh chemicals, Charcoal naturally bleaches out stains from teeth, the same way Charcoal Soap and Charcoal Facials remove brown spots on the face. You can use it as a simple natural home treatment. It even removes disgusting chewing tobacco stains AND sweetens the breath!

Charcoal purifies water  Activated Charcoal purifies vegetable oilsCharcoal removes color from fine grape juice Activated Charcoal removes color from raw sugar

You can whiten your teeth naturally with this age-old home remedy too.

"If charcoal can whiten sugar and remove unwanted colors from a host of products, what can it do with badly stained teeth? As we read earlier, charcoal was prepared commercially as a tooth powder a hundred years ago. For polishing and cleaning, there is nothing superior to charcoal. Just wet your toothbrush and dip it into a small glass jar of charcoal powder. Your toothbrush and your teeth will look black, but it rinses off. Although it is a little messy, it can remove tarter and plaque build-up. After a swish or three, you will notice your teeth are definitely brighter. It also helps with bad breath. You will be able to taste the difference, and, I am told, it makes kisses sweeter." The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal p 144

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Charcoal Powder and Coconut Oil Pulling
You haven't heard of this amazingly simple natural home remedy that not only whitens teeth but also promotes healthy gums? Let us share a couple of stories for you.
During the process of having her mercury amalgams removed, it was decided that Kimberly would have two root canals on the same day. The dentist insisted that she take this antibiotic, which she did, only to discover a couple weeks later that her teeth had become mottled with unsightly brown spots! Back in the chair at her natural dentist, he told her no problem, for a few hundred dollars he could have them white in no time. Kimberly graciously declined and said she could do it herself.
A few years prior, someone had sent Kimberly some info on oil pulling. Oil pulling is where you use an oil of your choice and swish it around your mouth and gently ‘pull’ it through your teeth, for about twenty minutes a day. Well, Kimberly knew that charcoal is a natural teeth whitener, so why not combine activated charcoal with organic coconut oil and let the magic begin with the oil pulling.  Kimberly did the oil pulling either in the morning or the evening, and up to 40 a minutes at a time. She tried to do it while doing chores but quickly realized that she would forget about the swishing and pulling, so she ended up sitting on the couch, listening to music while she pulled. After the 40 minutes were up, she would go to the sink, turn the faucet on and put her head way down and spit into the running stream so there was little mess. Then she would brush her teeth and she was done. About ten days later, while picnicking with her hubby, she mentioned that she thought the charcoal oil pulling was removing her spots and making her teeth whiter and her not so easily impressed hubby exclaimed, “I know it is!” After about another week, the spots were all gone and her teeth were such a natural white, she couldn’t wait to see what her dentist would say.  At her next dental visit, she could tell he noticed, but, he didn’t say a word……
The charcoal and coconut oil combined is a real winner for strengthening teeth and gums.  Maria was sharing with Kimberly that at her last dental visit, her dentist asked her what she was doing, for her teeth and gums were much healthier than the last time she was in. Maria was brushing her teeth with charcoal powder and also sometimes was combining the charcoal and coconut oil together, and her teeth were clearly whiter and her gums stronger. Not only will the teeth be whiter and stronger but they will feel so smooth for the charcoal naturally removes the plaque.
If you’re not up to mixing up your own Charcoal Powder and coconut oil (recipe below) then we have some Charcoal Toothpaste or Charcoal Tooth Powder for you that you can purchase.
So which charcoal is the best for teeth whitening? Really, all the food grade medicinal charcoals are going to work well. Whichever activated charcoal powder is your favorite, it will do the job.
And don’t forget, as mentioned earlier, you do not have to combine the charcoal and coconut oil, you can just wet your brush and dip into your charcoal powder and brush away to whiter, healthier teeth and gums, Super Naturally!

Below is a simple remedy for whitening your teeth and also making your gums stronger:

Natural Teeth Whitener and Toothpaste Recipe
1/3 cup Charcoal Powder
2/3 cup raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil (available at local health food store).
peppermint essential oil (food grade) 3 drops or more to your taste/optional.
DIY Activated Charcoal Toothpaste RecipeIf the coconut oil is in a solid state, over low heat, gently melt it to a liquid. Once melted, pour into a glass jar that has a tight-fitting lid.
Add the charcoal powder and essential oil if using and mix well. If the temps outside are warm you can put in the fridge. If your house is 74 degrees or cooler, it will become solid and you can keep the toothpaste in your medicine cabinet. Both coconut oil and charcoal DO NOT have to be refrigerated, so if you don’t mind the liquid state, you can put it in your cabinet as well.
Take your toothbrush and scoop up the desired amount and gently brush away.
This toothpaste will actually help remove stains, plaque and will draw out metals and toxins in your mouth.
You may also want to use this solution for ‘oil pulling.’

Just scoop out a heaping tablespoon of the toothpaste and gently and slowly swish the solution in your mouth. For heavy stains, GENTLY and SLOWLY ‘pull’ through your teeth, for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Not last, not least charcoal is often used for DENTAL INFECTIONS